Find Financial Help With Hub

Getting out of debt can be scary. If you’re alone, with no support from family or friends, scary can become downright terrifying that feels impossible to escape.

With hub, you’re not alone. Think of us as a ladder, to help you up and out of that hole. We’ll listen to your unique situation and connect you to a nonprofit organization that can offer financial help or other assistance – like crisis intervention, medical care, childcare, temporary housing, utility payments or debt consolidation. We’re here to get you pointed in the right direction – toward financial security.

Three Steps Toward Financial Stability

Hub’s network of nonprofit partners can provide you options for immediate financial assistance as well as tools for the long term, to help you help yourself. Your situation may not be simple, but connecting with hub is.  Working with hub is a clear first step to a stronger, more stable financial picture. 

Step 1: Immediate Financial Assistance

Call 920-426-0150.

A hub partner will respond to your call and connect you with the supportive services you need to move out of crisis.

Step 2: Find Hub Services

Whatever your need(s), one of these hub partners will listen first, act second. Hub will connect you with the right service provider, starting with any one of these organizations, to help you through your most immediate money problem. But hub doesn’t stop there. Our goal is to help you get out of debt and stay out of debt – for now, and for good.  

Step 3: Get a coach

Our coaches are trained listeners, problem solvers, mentors. This is your life, so you lead the charge, but your coach is on the sideline, helping you set your goals and, more importantly, meet or exceed those goals to get you on the path to debt-free living.