What's Hub? 

A hub is the central part of a wheel, a blade, a propeller. From it, other things revolve or radiate.

In Oshkosh, Wisconsin, hub is also a connecting point for thousands of residents who feel they might be one crisis away from poverty or the slide toward poverty.   

Working Together To Reduce Poverty

The U.S. Census estimates the poverty rate in Winnebago County is at 12.6 percent, up from 6.7 percent in 2000, despite a decline in the unemployment rate. Millions of dollars have been invested by government and community donors to target the root causes of poverty, but the problem continues to grow.    

There is no one cause, no one solution, no one organization that can reduce poverty on its own. Hub is a group of nonprofit organizations and government agencies that understand this and have committed to working together on behalf of individuals and families in the Oshkosh area. Hub’s goal is to improve the economic stability of Oshkosh as a whole by helping one person or one family at a time get the right coaching and support in a timely and streamlined manner.

Current Hub Partners

The key difference and the reason for hub’s success is the concept of collaboration and collective impact – organizations working together for the greater good. Hub partners know that the combined impact of their individual services is multiplied when provided as a whole instead each of them operating alone.

Hub partners have committed to working formally together, to combine services, to reduce poverty and expand opportunities for people in need in the Oshkosh area. Hub partners are committed to:

  • connecting people struggling to get by with the right resources on the first call
  • coordinating services, to make it easier for people in need to get ahead
  • filling the gaps in service that might exist if they worked alone
  • training volunteers to work one-on-one with participants in developing action plans and goals 

Shared Vision and Mission

Hub envisions a future where Oshkosh residents are able to overcome life's unexpected crises and gain lasting self-sufficiency. To realize this vision, hub’s mission is to help Oshkosh residents overcome the barriers keeping them from fulfilling their fullest potential.

If you live or work in the Oshkosh area, or care about those who do, hub is for you.