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Hub coaches will help you get connected to community resources. A coach can help you work toward a more stable future by listening to your unique situation and working with you to create a step-by-step plan with specific, realistic goals.

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Help to set and Achieve realistic life Goals

Your hub coach will help you review your needs and create a plan of action. That plan might include writing a resume, finding housing or health care or educational opportunities. Your coach might help you learn how to work toward more reliable transportation or a better job, or can simply be a supportive listener.  

Hub coaches are members of the community, like you. They are trained, highly-motivated individuals with a strong desire to get to know you and to help you succeed.

Whatever you need to achieve self-sufficiency, a hub coach will work with you, one-on-one to:

  • Assist in exploring your life goals and developing steps to achieving those goals
  •  Identify the gaps that are currently preventing you from reaching your goals
  • Connect with the correct community resources to overcome barriers
  • Build your confidence and skills
  • Provide moral support and encouragement

Hub coaches come from different backgrounds but all are supportive listeners, pro-active problem-solvers, knowledgeable about community resources and – most importantly – succeed only when you succeed. 

To get your own coach or make a referral, complete and return this application or  contact us today.


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Call any one of these organizations to get started. Whatever your need(s), a hub partner will listen first, act second. We are working harder at working together, to make your life a little bit easier.

We want to work with you to set goals that will help you become self-sufficient. To do that, we will connect you with your very own coach!

Unsure who to call first?

If you're not sure which hub partner is the best place to start, call 920-426-0150 and ask for a hub coach. Know someone who could benefit from hub? Complete and submit the referral form below.

If you have referral information that you would like to submit by fax, please send to (920) 426-3071.

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