Hub COACH Responsibilities

Hub coaches come from different backgrounds, but share these things in common:

  • Have and use pro-active problem-solving skills
  • Are supportive listeners
  • Are willing to get to know people in need
  • Want to learn and share about the services available to help

Every coaching experience is unique, based on the needs of the participant. A volunteer coach might help write a resume, recommend job skills training, find more affordable housing or child care, recommend changes to a budget or simply provide listening and encouragement.

Coaches need to:

  • Commit a minimum of four hours each week
  • Take part in required training
  • Meet weekly, one-on-one, with assigned participant(s) to help identify needs and set goals
  • Connect participants with services to help them overcome barriers to success
  • Communicate regularly with assigned participant(s) and hub partners
  • Offer hub as a resource to those who may need service
  • Recommend hub as an opportunity for other potential volunteers
  • Share ideas on how to improve the process

Benefits Of Being A Hub Coach

Hub provides direct, hands-on experience with a variety of community service providers and barriers to becoming self-sufficient. While volunteering with hub, there are many opportunities to gain and develop leadership skills through interactions with a diverse group of people, office management, public relations and event planning, and nonprofit organization and management.

Hub coaches make a variety of contacts in the business and social services world. Hub coaches make Oshkosh a better place to live and work, one individual or family at a time. Hub coaches transform lives!

How To Volunteer


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, fill out and submit this application.

If qualified, you will be contacted for an interview. 

If accepted into the program, you will be scheduled for training. Once you’ve successfully completed training, you’ll be ready to start your coaching experience!

For more information, please contact us.